Innovation at WLLS

We have always innovated. It has always been a core part of our ethos and as leaders in our field we believe we have a responsibility to push the boundaries of what is possible and ultimately, deliver more so that we set the standard for our clients, both now and in the future.

At a fundamental level there are three goals we strive to achieve or exceed, in part, through innovation:

  1. To develop and support our staff to be the best they can be
  2. To push the boundaries of what is possible
  3. To work with minimal impact to the environment

Given the industry-wide commitment to reduce leakage by 16% by 2025, and more beyond that, new and more efficient ways of managing leakage will be required. Here at WLLS we are determined to be at the centre of this effort and to achieve a new paradigm of performance.

We have a track record in finding new technologies, new detection methods and new ways of using existing technologies more efficiently.

Moving forward we are stepping up our programme to mirror the ambitions of the industry. We are specifically focussed on measures to:

  • Further improve the reliability of the outcomes from our work for our clients, with fewer dry holes at one extreme to finding increasingly challenging leaks at the other
  • Improve the efficiency of our service, leading to greater productivity and value
  • Reduce the impact of our activities, especially on the environment
  • Work safely
  • Redefine what is possible through the introduction of new technologies and new techniques, especially regarding critical infrastructure, by:
    • Pushing the performance limitations of acoustic methods
    • The use of non-acoustic, non-invasive methods
    • The identification and practical use of invasive leakage and condition survey techniques

  1. We are advocates of continuous improvement and especially of marginal gain. We actively encourage our teams to suggest new approaches by reviewing what they do and how they do it.
  2. We continually monitor the global water industry for new ideas and technologies, along with other sectors that often yield interesting opportunities.
  3. Where new or near commercial solutions are not available, we invest in our own research and development, as well as supporting research and development projects undertaken by others
  4. We collaborate, as we recognise that outcomes generally improve by involving those with a different perspective or skillset

We have an Innovation Lead within the business to co-ordinate our innovation projects of all scales. This role reports to (and works directly with) our CEO to ensure that innovation is given the highest priority.

“If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.”

African Proverb

We are focused on innovation through:

  • People: In our opinion the best service can only be delivered by getting the people dimension right. Continuous improvement and innovation is achieved through strong leadership, aligned organisational culture, investment in individual and team development, and frictionless knowledge sharing
  • Process: To drive efficiency into both the administrative systems and business processes so that we are controlled, safe and efficient in everything we do
  • Technology: From the tools and instrumentation we use to deliver our services, through to the development of new technologies and approaches

We are always moving forward and continually innovating. Whether ideas come from our teams on the ground out in the field or from the management team, all are captured, evaluated and, if agreed, implemented.

Need more info?

We are currently implementing a digital transformation project to help with business processes and compliance when remote working and to drive efficiencies within the business.

This will also help to capture and share knowledge across the business through a company WIKI, online training and discussion forums.


Water Leak Location Services was established in 2013 to assist UK and International Water Utilities in tackling trunk main leakage and locating leaks in difficult site conditions.
Registered office: Unit 2 Basepoint Business Centre, Waterberry Drive, Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO7 7TH
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