About WLLS

As specialists in leakage detection, we are obsessed with all things leakage; continually striving to improve what we do and how we do it to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

Established in 2013, WLLS has been built on strong foundations and is very much aligned to getting results where both the challenge and need is greatest.

As specialists, we pride ourselves on high standards of performance, safety and behaviour.

As a Service Provider we are trusted by our clients to deliver. Our approach is to develop and support our teams to be:

  • Outcome focussed, with strong problem-solving skills
  • Supported by a community of peer discussion
  • Forensic in nature, with an understanding of networks and technologies
  • Always innovating in order to improve on what we do
  • Polite, professional and communicative
  • Highly collaborative
  • Trusted by our clients to deliver

Our organisational culture is defined by 4 pillars that help to focus our minds on supporting our people to be the best they can be.

4 pillars of WLLS

CEO at the top then four pillars below

Skills & knowledge
Safe working


Finding or developing new methods and technologies to push the boundaries of what is possible


Developing the skills, experience and understanding of our teams to help them to resolve problems in the field and rightfully claim the mantle of specialists

Safe Working

The never-ending quest to ensure the safety of our people, the public and our clients, or others working on their behalf


Always being aware of the impact we have when performing our activities, whether that is on local communities, economic activities or the environment

We are Achilles-verified and have all the required qualifications to perform our services.


Innovation is in our blood.

We continually strive to improve both what we do and how the water industry manages leakage so that what we do tomorrow is better, safer and more productive that what we already achieved today.

Innovation is encouraged equally, regardless of where it comes from, whether from the top or our organisation, from any member of our team or from beyond our organisational boundaries.

Internally, WLLS has an active and progressive innovation programme, focussed on:

  • Innovations to improve on what we do and the way we do it
  • How we can offer new insights, from surveying mains using additional technologies to helping our clients to understand and assess their infrastructure assets
  • How technologies from the global water sector and beyond can be used to improve outcomes and meet leakage commitments
  • How we can collaborate with others to achieve more than we could in isolation
  • Participating in the exploration of innovation prospects with our clients and also with technology companies and / or academia, where we have an important role as the expert practitioner to advise and undertake field trials

Skills & knowledge

Everyone that works with and for WLLS has been handpicked for their skills, experience, attitude, and communication skills.

For us, that is only the beginning. Our quest is to continually improve our services and an essential facet of this is to continually develop our people.

Knowledge is a key differentiator for us, and we focus on three aspects:

  • Taught skills
  • Experience, gained through the delivery of our services
  • Information, which is shared

We work hard to ensure that there is a direct line of communication from the teams delivering the services to the support staff and leadership. This includes the recognition of technical experts, appointed for each piece of instrumentation so that they can support others to get the best results.

The greatest and most unusual challenges are discussed amongst the wider team, to pool expertise, experience, knowledge and resources to seek the best resolution.

Annual performance reviews provide the opportunity for 360-degree feedback on performance over the previous year and objectives for the year ahead, including training and development aims.

Safe working

The health, safety and welfare of our people, those they work with and members of the public are our highest priorities.

With this in mind, health and safety is led by our Operations Director, Russell May. This delivers a number of key benefits:

  • The leadership is responsible for safe working practices in all service delivery
  • Safety is always a priority in everything we do
  • The potential for any communication issues are overcome

All our people are trained to the highest standards with mandatory and optional health and safety training being a priority. A training record is maintained for each member of staff, with automatic renewal and updates pushed to the individual proactively to ensure regular updates.

A significant online resource for optional special interest health and safety training courses is available for all to complete for a large range of diverse topics, ensuring our compliance and understanding.

In delivery of services, each and every team member is expected to read and understand the Project Level Risk Assessment before commencing, and on an ongoing basis is expected, without exception, to have completed a Point of Works Risk Assessment for each site and each day.

They also complete a Specific Hazard Risk Assessment where necessary, should unexpected hazards be encountered.

Both types of risk assessment are app-based, and as soon as they are submitted an alert is raised with the leadership, along with any actions required.

If the hazard(s) are outside the individual’s training, they will automatically be flagged not to proceed and to contact their supervisor for a decision on how to move the project forward safely.


We always strive to have a positive impact in everything we do, whether that is on behalf of our clients in the performance of our services, or the impact we have on society, economy and the environment.

We aim to:

  • Have a positive impact through the delivery of our services; we differentiate ourselves positively by finding more leaks more quickly and earlier than others in often challenging situations and on critical infrastructure
  • Have a positive impact on our planet so that we all benefit from our business activities
  • Have a positive impact on those we come into contact with, whether that is other organisations, individuals, local communities or society

Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is vitally important to us achieving our goals. It is part of the WLLS DNA and is reflected in everything we do.
It outlines our vision towards becoming Net Positive and provides a framework to guide our priorities and decision-making.

Our goal is to become Net Positive, meaning that we put back more than we take out.


Water Leak Location Services was established in 2013 to assist UK and International Water Utilities in tackling trunk main leakage and locating leaks in difficult site conditions.
Registered office: Unit 2 Basepoint Business Centre, Waterberry Drive, Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO7 7TH
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