Pipe Integrity Assessment

Leakage is what happens when the water pressures exceed the residual strength of the pipe, leading to a loss of integrity.

The factors that affect the deterioration of pipe condition or residual strength depends upon the pipe material and, depending on where the pipe is in the water network and what the pressure conditions are, the consequence of failure can vary significantly.

The ideal scenario is that pipes nearing failure are identified, and either replaced or the factors leading to failure reduced to extend the useful life of the asset.

Traditional NDT techniques rely on excavation to take cut-outs or coupons from the pipe, or alternatively conducting expensive and disruptive in-pipe survey techniques.

There are a number of emerging and recent technologies that allow Pipe Condition Surveys using non-invasive techniques, and also to understand the transient and steady-state pressure conditions.

With our specialist field capability, WLLS is working with and supporting a range of pioneering companies developing or producing technologies to understand:

  • Pipe condition
  • The transient and steady state pressure behaviour within the pipe
  • The potential for accelerated deterioration of pipe integrity

Our Pipe Integrity Assessment services bring all these aspects together to deliver an insight into your pipelines, working back from leakage detection to understanding both the current condition and the likely rate of deterioration due to the existence and scale of factors that would affect asset life.

Services include:

  1. Leakage Survey
  2. Pipe Condition Assessment
  3. Pipe Deterioration Assessment
  4. High Speed Pressure Transient Survey

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