Commercial and Industrial Losses

Water networks owned and operated by commercial and industrial users (demand-side) suffer from similar leakage issues to those on the water network, but also have the potential not only to add to operating costs but potentially to stop operations should the mains burst, when flooding could undermine structures.

It is worth noting that water losses are not incurred at the production cost of that water, but the retail price. Add to this that wastewater charges are based on clean water consumption and the cost of leakage can get very large, very quickly.

Using our skills, experience and specialist equipment, we can quickly and efficiently survey your site for leakage.

We will work around your operational activities so that we do not interfere, which suits our activities too.


Water Leak Location Services was established in 2013 to assist UK and International Water Utilities in tackling trunk main leakage and locating leaks in difficult site conditions.
Registered office: Unit 2 Basepoint Business Centre, Waterberry Drive, Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO7 7TH
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