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Water Leak Location Service


Our close working relationship with customers allows a natural knowledge transfer to the Leakage Team, improving their understanding and experience during the term of work.

Water Leak Location Services Leak Detection Equipment

Water Leak Location Services was formed in 2013 to assist UK and International Water Utilities in tackling trunk main leakage and locating leaks in difficult site conditions.

The experience and expertise held by the team was gained while working in technical roles for one of the leading manufacturers of leak detection equipment.  This exposure to different leak scenarios gave us the skills to become experts in this field, allowing us to continue conducting successful UK and International leak detection trials.

Our expanding technical knowledge helps us locate leaks quickly and efficiently whilst our excellent customer facing skills help us work very closely with Leakage Teams, engaging in their working culture.  This close working relationship enables knowledge transfer, meaning Leakage Teams enhance their skills during the term of work. 

There are many methods and equipment types available to help locate leaks but not one of them is suitable in all situations.  Here at Water Leak Location Services we use our extensive experience to choose the most appropriate method and equipment type to gain the best result for every customer.

Innovation in this field is important, saving both time and money to the customer, so having good working relationships with leading leak detection equipment manufacturers means we can utilise the latest technologies in tackling leakage.


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